Crazy Talk!

Some women drive their husbands crazy, I sent mine to Insanity…


Hey Insaniacs… so, this time last year, I was 2 weeks into my return to lacrosse after a 15-plus year hiatus. I felt ‘good’ then, but admittedly a lot of that had to do with the adrenaline from just being back out on the field, playing a game I had loved since I was Harry’s age. I made it through the summer season, and played well enough to get picked up by another team for the fall, but then pretty much went dormant for the winter. Kimberlygot me hooked up with a personal trainer at the Y, and one of my goals with him, was to get back into “playing shape” for this summer. Things had certainly progressed, diet had gotten considerably better, resulting in some healthy weight loss, and feeling fitter than I had been in ages… but then the Insanity began!

Although I knew strength training had always been a weakness of mine (ha, get it?), foot speed and agility were even bigger gaps, especially since completely rupturing my Achilles (3 years ago, this Friday). The Insanity program certainly seemed like it’d help with this, but I had NO IDEA I’d see & feel the improvements and confidence gains on the field, like I have these past few weeks. Look, I’ve never been fast off the line, I’ve never been a sprinter, I’ve never had “moves”… and yes, I’m playing in a 35-and-over league (just found out one of my teammates is 59 – I had him pegged at 45-46 MAX), but I FEEL GREAT. I’m playing with confidence and speed… I’m beating people to the ball… I’m beating people off the ball… I’ve got MOVES. Not to mention, for those who know the game, I went from hanging out on Attack, huffing & puffing through one shift a game at Midfield, to playing the whole game running middie!

Now admittedly, I’ve copped out of more workouts than I care to admit, blaming everything from too many kids’ activities to drive to, to Derecho power outages, but even so, as far as I’m concerned, the results have been amazing. I’ve got to keep at it. The season’s only just begun, and my only regret is that I stayed away from the game for so long.

Insanity is making it even more fun to be back at it.

Get after it, and keep after it.

It’s even more fun to listen to him talk to the 8 year old about his moves! And to think, I only signed him up because I needed another body for my group! Now he’s going to blow me away at our next Tough Mudder!

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2 responses to “Crazy Talk!

  1. This is AWESOME – wonder if I could drive my husband to Insanity. We need to talk! I might have to break out my orange fleece for this discussion . .

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