Your Scale: Friend or Foe?


I’m sure you’ve seen the photos and advice out there telling you to toss out your bathroom scale. Even “The Mayo Clinic Diet” book recommends you step on the scale no more than twice a week. Weight can fluctuate and this can be discouraging to someone trying to lose weight. Weight can even go up when you start a new exercise program. But,  if you use your scale as a tool, it can guide you in the right direction. For those who are not as strict about counting calories, it can remind you if you have been indulging in too many extra servings of pasta or ice-cream sundaes. Some say they know they’ve gained weight when their pants are too tight. My pants are sometimes too tight when I pull them out of the dryer! And sizes can vary from store to store. A tape measure can be a more accurate judge of whether your fitness plan is working, but on a daily basis, for keeping myself in check, the scale is my friend. I don’t obsess over it, I live my life, and I do so rather freely, thanks in large part to my scale. The scale, when used properly, can be your friend!

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One response to “Your Scale: Friend or Foe?

  1. I used to think the scale was my total enemy. Then a good friend and colleague (who is in his 60’s) suggested that I use it as a tool – much as you have described it above and it has changed my life and my perspective. I do not judge my weight daily – I do not collapse in tears if I see a .5 gain. Instead I use it as a tool to review the previous day and say ” hmm – too much salt” or “what have i done differently the past few days” and “do i need to do a quick shakeo cleanse to get back on track.” Rather than being an enemy – for the first time in my life – my scale is my new best friend.

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