Is your life an overgrown garden, or is it something you’ve carefully planned out and nurtured along the way?

7 years ago we bought the home we live in now. It was in move-in condition and the garden was nice. It was basic. I didn’t love it, but gardening isn’t my thing and I had better things to spend my time and money on.We made do. a round of blizzards, however, took out the Japanese Maple that was the highlight of the garden, and the azaleas have never looked quite as lovely since. It’s also not really as well organized as I would like. Plus, I am convinced that the mulch we bought this year was filled with weed seeds. The garden has never truly belonged to us. Our soul isn’t in it, and it gives me an unfulfilled feeling when I am near it.

What struck me about the garden today is that it is a lot like my job. I liked my job when I started. It wasn’t my dream job, the one I dreamed of when I was a child. That was to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. I guess I let that get away from me. My chosen career path became the practical choice, and I was content. But along the way, changes came. Many were technological and some of tehehighlights of the job were taken away. Others aspects became unwieldy, like the weeds in the garden. Like the garden, what I once enjoyed about my career was gone and I am left feeling unfulfilled. My soul isn’t in it any longer.

What I am realizing about both my career and my garden is that neither has to last forever. It’s time to rip out the garden and make it my own. It’s also time to do something with my days that I am passionate about, because life is short, and you should spend your days living them, in a way that makes you content. 


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